Monday, March 29, 2010

Entry #12: Beaded Accessories

Our family is very busy with the campaign, giving me much less time to craft and check everyone's craft update. But still I am glad I was able to contribute in the name of Crafting.
For my 12th entry and maybe my last one, I made a set of beaded accessories, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. My friend likes it pink and I just added a touch of silver and violet to accent it. I hope she likes it.
It's holy week, I hope and pray that everyone will have a meaningful faith celebration.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Wow! I'm so happy to received this award from Ails... Thank you so much. It really means so much to me... Now it's my chance to share this award to my favorite beautiful bloggers because they've worked so hard and really deserved to be appreciated! They are my inspiration :)

  1. Ails
  2. Avelyn
  3. Ardilla
  4. Cayo
  5. Claire
  6. Dena
  7. Elsie
  8. Gerrie
  9. Jerosha
  10. Joan
  11. Katie
  12. Lia
  13. Martha
  14. Maryann
  15. Orlis

For the "Beautiful Blogger" award, the nominated needs to:
~ Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
~ Copy the award and paste it to your blog.
~ Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you have discovered.
~ Contact your nominations and let them know they've won.

Cheers to my favorites and keep on inspiring! :)

Entry #11: Handmade Card

I've been missing my husband for quite some time... Our schedule doesn't meet that much lately because he's very busy with his preparation for the campaign, even weekends, and me with my day job. I just wanted to let him know by making a card for him.
It's a window card. I've seen this pattern from my Japanese craft book, I couldn't read the text but I can understand through the photos of the book. I made used of Carl Craft Punchers and MS Border Puncher as my main tool. I just incorporated some of my idea like the Cuttlebug embossed background and the sticker accent.
Last night, me and our son is already asleep by the time he arrives home. So I just left it on our work desk for him to read.
Today, as I prepared for work, I noticed that he had already opened it. I didn't wake him up because I understand that he is tired and needed a lot of rest.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Entry #10: Monogram

I'm just fascinated with monograms and I decided to have one, again. I saw a plain chipboard monogram from a wood craft shop. I bought it for Php49 only compare to Php250 wood decorated monogram from the other shop. I decorated it with my collected embellishments and I'm happy with the results because it's unique and I was able to save money.

I originally mounted the monogram on the wall... But later on I decided to re-arrange the space and add adjustable wall shelves.
Now, it's part of my decoration in my new space :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Entry #9: Crochet Headband

(Note:  this is the one I made for my sister but the same style as the one I made for my sister-in-law...  Unfortunately, I was not able to retrieve the original photo as this was posted originally on Multiply which recently closed down)

Here is my 9th entry... I made a crochet headband. This is for my sister's sister-in-law. I'm really enjoying making crochets lately... I have a lot of projects in mind but I'm still practicing on the simple ones. I'm happy with my progress and still willing to learn further. I'm so inspired by the crochet works of my crafty friends, Joan and Ails.
(Materials: Red Heart Yarns, buttons and crochet hook)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, March 15, 2010

NCM #8: Wedding Bliss

My friend is getting married soon and still haven't decided what she will wear. She have her idea but she couldn't reflect it on a drawing. She's thinking of either pure chiffon or pure lace, but still she couldn't make her final choice because she is fond of both. I suggested why not have them in one piece. She wanted it to be simple and flowing for her themed wedding. I wanted to help her by putting her thoughts on sketches and added some suggestions. Here they are:

I hope these sketched will help her decide...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

NCM #4 to #7: Started Organizing My New Crafting Space

I was sick a couple of days last week, I had allergy attack and I couldn't go to the office because it affected my face and hands. I also couldn't craft... As soon as I got well, I thought of organizing my new crafting space... It's been a while and I thought of NCM as a great time to do it. The theme of my space are the subjects that inspires me to craft. Here are the things I have accomplished:
NCM #4: The word CREATE. I've had this word in my previous space and still will be in my new space. I made use of the chipboard letters that I got from previous R.A.K. I just added assorted buttons because I'm really fond of it.
NCM #5: Tool holder. The freebie pen holder from the grocery was plain but I didn't want to throw it because I know I will need it when I start organizing my space. So I decided to decorate it with paper crafting materials. (Materials: pen holder, patterned papers, MS doily lace puncher, flower and adhesive)
NCM #6: Memory Panel. Aside from the magnetic board which I did last year's NCM, I also added another area where I can stick notes and photos. I'm referring to the flower patterned blocks which you see below the magnetic board. They are only plastic sheet glass coasters which I re-purposed and attached using double sided tapes for easy cleaning when I go tired of it.
NCM #7: Pens and Tools. I organized my pens and tools that I usually use within easy reach. I was able to save my decorated Spam cans from the previous flood. I have a limited space and a little budget, so for the meantime, I just turned my pens down instead of the ideal lying position. Notice as well that the word CREATE goes above it. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

NCM #3: Address Book

For my third entry, I altered the cover of our old address book. I haven't use it for a very long time. It was very plain and I thought it would be nice to revive it by decorating the cover with my collected paper crafting materials. I'm happy with it and excited to fill it up with contacts...
Before, it's plain and simple
Now, it's cute and girly

Materials: old adress book, AAS patterned paper, AAS adhesive ribbon, Leeho fabric paints and glitter glues, epoxy coated chipboard buttons, swirl paper clip, button, MS adhesive tag and flower oven bake polymer clay which I made last year, trimmings and adhesives.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NCM #2: Nail Art

We're having a rotational brownout this past few days. I went home early and was excited to do paper crafts but unfortunately the electricity went off. It took about 3 hours before it went back and I only have a little time to do paper craft. So, I just decided to play with my Konad Nail Stamping Art kit. I selected the button plate because I find it cute.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NCM #1: Aquarium

I wasn't aware that it's National Craft Month, again. It's been a year and I remembered how fun and productive it was with my crafty friends here in Multiply. I couldn't promise that I would be able to craft and have something each day, but at least I would be able to join in the fun once again.

My first entry would be my Aquarium. I've been setting it up since Monday, and finally I have completed it yesterday. Still it's crafting because it adds beauty in a space. It's like an indoor scape. I've decided to have one again in our home, since the one I had in my parents home was taken away by the flood. I find it very relaxing. Besides, I know it will make my son very happy!