Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TCR#2: Scrapbook Page about Allen

I seldom make a page about my husband. It's because most of my materials are about girls and babies. But this time since Father's Day is approaching, I decided to make one for him. The paper and pattern selections are simple to make it more on the male side. Creating this layout is a real challenge because almost all the piecing were hand-cut and made. Though summing it up it was the fun part.
Monogram "A"
It's made out of raw chipboard which I coated with micro glass beads and glitter glue.
Using a craft knife, I hand-cut the leaves from a Cuttlebug embossed image given to me by a crafty friend, Joan. After which I coated with white water-base paint, let dry and highlighted with glitter glue for a little sparkle. I made the simple and abstract paper flower accents using layers of scrap patterned papers, hand-cut irregularly, chalked, edge-inked and joined by metal flower brads. This made the flowers look a bit masculine. Then the final touch are the decorative buttons, strings, swirls and the journal writing.
The journal writing is a quote by Anne Geddes: "Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad." I like it because it's simple yet meaningful. Thanks and Happy Scrapping!
TCR Palette #2 {His Room}

Monday, May 24, 2010

TCR#7: I Love You...

This time I made use of the sketch that goes with the palette as guide. I had so much fun making this layout because it’s about how I want to let my son know how much I love him... So that when he grows up he has something to remember and enjoy.
Here is the journal writing: “Words are not enough to let you know much I love you... I get tired of going to work but I never get tired of caring for you… I also get tired of doing household chores but it’s rewarding because we have a home to play-in and enjoy! I hug and kiss you often it’s a simple way to let you know how much… I love you with all my heart.”
Thank you and happy scrapping!
TCR Palette #7 {Sun Room}

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TCR#3: Respect

Another layout being my elder sister as the subject. The journal writing was a previous shout out from one of her social web account and the photo was her previous profile picture when she has stated it. It's about Respect and I really admire her strength and thoughts. I made the small flower accents in the middle of the crocheted flowers using shrink plastic and embossing heat tool.
TCR Palette #3 {Sun Room}

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TCR#3: Sweet Escape

The cardstock is patterned that's why a little embellishments will do. In the photo is my elder sister during her December vacation last 2007 with us, her family. She's currently residing in Australia and these photos were my personal favorites from that vacation. Thanks for viewing and happy scrapping!
The Color Room Palette #6 {His Room}

Friday, May 14, 2010

TCR#5: Scrapbook page of Me

Here's another traditional layout I've made for The Color Room. I maximized the use of stickers and crystals to frame the photo.  Enjoy!
TCR #5 Palette

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Cards

I made two quick cards last night for my Mom and my Mother-in-law. The hand-stamped images of the cupcake and butterfly and most of the materials I used for these cards were from the previous R.A.K. that I received from my crafty friends. The patterned papers, trims and jems are from my collection. I've colored the images using colored pencils and blended the colors using Goo Gone (one I learned from a crafter). Just to give a little information for some, Goo Gone is perfect for removing grease, tar and sticky stains, but many hand-stamp artists use this product as blending medium especially for colored pencils. Then, I added glitter glue for shimmer and sparkle. (Note:  Sorry, I couldn't retrieve the photos of the cards because this post was originally from Multiply which recently closed down)
(This is the layout where I made use of the shrink plastic flowers.  The plastic flowers are those in the middle of the crocheted flowers)
I did a little experiment after making the cards. It was my first time to play with the shrink plastics Jerosha gave me. I cut the plastic to 2" x 2" sqaures, then run them in Cuttlebug die cutting machine using Cuttlekids flower dies. Before removing them from the negatives I colored each flowers with Sharpie permanent markers. Sharpie markers are good for plastic because it dries quickly and the colors are vivid.
I used a heat embossing tool to shrink each flowers. It will curl but you can tell that the shrinking is done when the object is lying still and flat. Then after the shrinking process I set each under a sturdy or heavy book to let the object stay flat while it cools down. These will be use for my next scrapbook page.
Until next time, I have to rest because I'll be helping my husband for the campaign later. Thanks for reading and happy crafting!
Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Scrapbook Page Layout for TCR

Ails invited me to join in The Color Room (TCR), a community which inspires an individual to take a challenge, scrapbook and on the top, to have fun. Here, we are given a color palette to start with and the rest is for us to explore and create. Last weekend, another long weekend because of a holiday, I was able to make one entry for the current challenge. It's my very first entry. (Above is the current palette)

I made a sketch as my guide.
It was a challenge making this layout with regards to the color palette. In fact it's my very first time to use this color combination on a layout. But I had so much fun doing it.
I was happy with the result because even if I am using embellishments for girls, it complimented my son's photo because of the color scheme.

I made the crocheted flower accent. The butterfly is a collage of buttons, wooden icon and fabric paint. The white flower is a swirl of white lace which I finished with a flower button.