Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sewing: Doll Jumper Dress with Felt Fabric

When I received Abbey, I've planned to do handmades for her. I've always wanted to make an outfit for her. It's easy to buy outfits from dolls of same size but I find it nice to create and make customs, too. Thanks to these sweet doll lovers, Carla (dollyheaven) and Yo (cayocas), for sharing the jumper dress pattern. I spent 3 days making the outfit because I only got my hands on it during free time... 
Abbey in the outfit I made
(Materials: Felt Fabric, Laces, Beads, Ribbon Flowers, Threads and Sewing Tools)
Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TCR#11 {Sun Room}: Abbey

Abbey is a new member of my doll collection. She is also my first Blythe doll which I've adopted through a blog candy hosted by an online friend. The photos were the results of my bonding time with our 2-year old son. He took the first two photos by chance and for me the result was really good. Thanks for viewing!
TCR Palette #11 {Sun Room}

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Abbey and Me... All Set for Tomorrow!

I have packed my handmade gifts for Ails, we'll be seeing each other tomorrow, with our lovely dolls, after work. It's my first time to bring Abbey out and she's all set. It was also my first break after the busy months in our family. For Abbey, I made a crocheted hat to match her Barbie outfit and have loosen her braids, too. I also bought a pair of little girl's hair snap to accent her cute face.
I'm glad that I was able to do handmades for her and everyday I learned interesting topics about this doll from the net which made me admire her further.
So, we're both set for tomorrow, I just pray that it won't rain! In the meantime, I say good night to everyone, as for me I still have time to play with our son, Miggy, before I put him to bed! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Handmade for Ails and dollies

We were not able to attend Aileen and Hoseal's wedding because of a hectic schedule after the election and proclamation. I promised to Ails, that we will see each other after the wedding and give my presents for them.
I made this page for Aileen and Hoseal. These are some of her favorite photos from their wedding day.

Then, I made crocheted hats for her two lovely Blythe dolls.
Abbey, modeling the red and orange hat. I think this color is maybe perfect for Maria (Nostalgic Pop Blythe) because it matches her outfit.
Abbey, in the blue and white hat. This one maybe perfect for Pepper (Simply Mango Blythe) because of her golden yellow hair. I just love blue with yellow.
Lastly, I decided to fix Abbey's pull string using my bead materials. Her hair is in braids because I'm preparing her for a get together with Ails and her dollies this week.

An update:  We had a great afternoon meet-up at Hobbes and Landes Trinoma.  We exchange presents and have cups of delicious yogurt
Thanks for the goodies, Ails!


It's another long weekend, Monday was declared official non-working holiday in reference with Independence Day last Saturday. It was a fruitful weekend because I was able to accomplish all my pending house chores and at the same time I was able to find some treasures and do crafting.

Treasure #1: I was able to buy a book bargain shop for only Php240. It's a knitting and crochet book with 1 skein of yarn, pair of knitting needle and a crochet hook. It was a good deal for me because when bought each separately, all will cost more than the set's price.

Treasure #2: Strips and scraps of patterned cardstocks and papers. I organized my paper leftovers using an old clear book.  I Sorted my paper leftovers by color of the base or background.  It's easier for me to access my paper leftovers from the shelf.

Treasure #2: Here is a layout I was able to accomplish using paper leftovers.
(Color Palette #1 Her Room of The Color Room)
Treasure #3: My sweetest treasure of all, of course, is our son, Miggy... For he is the most reason of everything I do... and he just can't help but to go over with my supplies and ask me for colors and papers :)
(I made the invitation cards above for his first Birthday)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playtime with Papers and Doll

I just like it simple, love the shabby chic palette. I made use of stickers as my main embellishment. thanks for viewing!

TCR#9 Palette {Her Room}

Then after making the layout, I dressed up Abbey (Asian Butterfly Encore custom Blythe) with her new Barbie outfit and accessories. It's a bit loose but it's okay because I can alter it anytime. Then I gave her a side sweep hairstyle to cover the gap on her forehead. I'm planning to create something for her, too... soon... :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dolls: Say Hello to Abbey (Asian Butterfly Encore custom Blythe)

Abbey being welcomed by Bratz Rina and Kumi
I'm checking if she'll fit my Bratz stand but unfortunately it did not, but it's okay. Now, she's wearing the vest, I like it because it matches her blue outfit and pink shoes.
a closer look at Abbey, she's wearing one of Dollyheaven's creation

Abbey is a Blythe Asian Butterfly Encore doll which was previously customized. I was able to adopt her through a blog candy/raffle by her previous mom. Her name was derived from her original look (Asian Butterfly Encore), I got the first letter of the 3 words which are A, B and E... then added B and Y to make ABBEY... I love her name because it matches my son's nickname, Miggy. She is really pretty and so adorable.

To her previous mom, Yo, thank you so much! Ails will be very happy, too, because we can have Blythe dolly meet-ups soon! Cheers to all doll lovers! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TCR#8: Froggy

This time it’s about our pug, Froggy. I made the green flower accent using a loom and hand-stitched the edge. The frame and monogram is made of chipboard coated with acrylic paint and glitter glue. The leaf is a wood icon piece that I altered.
Thank you and happy scrapping!
TCR #8 Palette {Family Room}