Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dolls: The Kitchen

Last Monday, I was surprised by a friend who gave me this old Barbie kitchen playset. She wanted me to have it since I have told her that I have plans of creating a simple doll house to display my playset collection. My idea is just a shelf, as it has been inspired by a lot of ideas from the net, but I like it to have a glass door to protect or minimize the build-up of dust. She knew that I was looking for a kitchen playset that is simple and has at least the basics like a sink, range and refrigerator. She told me that it has been neglected for a long time and she thought that I can make a good use of it.
It has a lot of stickers on it and have been marked with a few inks and dirt
I removed the stickers and and markings... It's now clean and ready for customizing... I'm thinking of a new color scheme...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bratz: 10th Anniversary Collection this Fall 2010

Glad to know this coming! I've been missing these dolls ever since they were halted by the lawsuit filed against them. Today I got an official newsletter coming from their official site. It is confirmed that they are back with a brand new look... If you're a collector of the said doll you can really tell the difference. Hmmm... makes me want to visit the nearby toy stores to know if they will be carrying again these dolls... I really wish because I want to see them in person.

Last weekend, we visited my parents home. We stayed there for two days. During my free time, I decided to dust and clean my Bratz collection. I have 51 Bratz dolls in all since 2001. Here they are, enjoy!

Sewing: Abbey in her Princess Outfit

I made another dress for Abbey. I basically love pink and black together with pearls and laces. The tiara matches her outfit which I bought from a hair accessory shop last weekend.
Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sewing: Another A-line Pattern for a Doll's Dress

This time I made use of Dollyheaven's (by Carla) original A-line pattern for a doll's dress. I made use of a felt cloth as the base then I just added the decorations using beads and trimmings from my stash. I also made a headband piece to match the outfit. I'm calling the outfit "Afternoon Delight" because of the warm tone which reminds me of a sunny afternoon. I find it really cute! Thanks, Carla for sharing the pattern!
Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight: Headband

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sewing: More Felt A-line Dress

I'm really enjoying this new craft... making handmades for Abbey (ABE Blythe Doll) is really fun. I was able to add two more dresses, using the same pattern, this weekend. I have named each.
Sweet Cakes
(clay cupcakes and cakes were my previous projects)
Heyah! Cowgirl
(the hat was originally a hair clip for young girls which I bought from SM department store and glad it fitted Abbey)
Secret Garden
(this was my very first handmade dress the doll. the little doll was from Aunt Yvette and the bag was from Aunt Yo)

Thanks for viewing... Good Night! :)