Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Papercrafts: Handmade Note Cards

Silicone Stamps

Got this lovely silicone stamps from Japan Home (Daiso) for only 66Php. I challenged myself to create note cards using this stamp set and the design and scheme from a shop paper packaging. It's nice to take challenges once in a while for a bit of fun!

Shop Packaging Bag

Handmade Note Cards

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Papercraft: Bath Door Sign

Letting it dry before hanging...
It's been a while since I made something out of paper... This weekend I decided to do general cleaning and re-arrange furnishings in our home. I re-decorated our bath and thought of adding a door sign. It's easy to buy a bath door sign from home depots but it's more fun if it's personalized and handmade.
Materials: Scrap patterned papers, Fuzzy Wire, Trimmings, Bella Stamp, Prismacolor, Chipboard letters, Gel pens, Markers, Clothespin decor by Jerosha, Adhesives and Crafting tools

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Piano Pop-up Card

This was an old project... I forgot to post about it here because I have kept it for a very long time that I have forgotten about it... It was the last card I made from my previous working space before the flood... I just found it yesterday when I'm going over my stash.
It's a piano pop-up card. I saw the basic pattern from a Japanese craft book then I just added my design on it. I love this because it was my first attempt to use black, silver and bronze on a card. I usually use vibrant colors for my cards. I hope you like it, thanks :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dolls: Lip Painting

I accidentally damaged Abbey's lips while cleaning her. Good thing there are tutorials about doll lip painting. I followed the one from Puchicollective except on varnish or sealer application which I followed the manufacturer's instruction.
Materials: Semco Acrylic Paints, extender (but in my case I'm using a waterbased paint, I just used a small amount of water), Golden polymer varnish or any clear varnish for acrylic paints (either matte, gloss or any desired effect) - important to apply sealer to protect the paint and painting tools. Don't forget to protect other parts of your doll from getting paint stain, I wrapped her with cling wrap before proceeding with the lip painting.
After the lip painting
rich lip color
ready to join her sister
Here is the new... Abbey (right) with Blanche (left) :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

For you, Yvette...

Bratz Costume Party Yasmin
I really love all my collection but I'm sending this little angel to make a friend smile inspite of her worries. This doll is for her because she once told me that if she'll have a daughter for her next child, she will name her Angela which will match her son's name, Angelo. She truly adores my collection - be it about crafts or dolls. She always browse my page because she enjoys being here... And I'm really happy to be able to cheer her up in my little ways. I always pray for her to be strong and happy.
Say hello to your new mom, Yasmin... I'm sure she'll take a good care and love you...