Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello dear friends!

It's been a while... I have a hectic schedule - with family, home chores and work. I did small craft projects for a little fun but I haven't blog about it because my mind is really preoccupied. My only rest is to browse and play with my FB friends, hehehe, at least I have a little social life... But still I'm looking forward on making a lot on crafting. Right now, I decided to re-arrange and re-organize our home and my craft area to cope with everything that needs to be done. I got inspired with a lot of organizing ideas and I wanted to put my profession in to practice. It really is exhausting but I'm enjoying it because it brings in new life and look to our home. It might as well help me a lot to be more productive. (in the photo: Me, Mommy Josie, Miggy and Jenny enjoying gelato on a stick at Stick House)

'til then... I wish everyone's safe and happy...