Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dolls: My Sylvanian Families

Hi Everyone, I’m happy to share my first collection of Sylvanian Families. It all started when I was looking for a miniature refrigerator to fit in my shoebox dollhouse I ended up starting another collection. I find these miniature dolls really cute and adorable. They come in family sets of animals making them really sweet and special. The miniature homes and furniture are beautiful and realistic reminding me of the cozy country homes I really love so much.

My husband is very supportive and let me have my very first home. It’s a Sycamore Cottage Starter House Set which comes with a Chocolate Rabbit Sister figure, a bed, mini kitchen set and a dining set. Eventually, I added the rest of the figures and pieces from the collection. I also decorated the walls and windows of the first level with scraps from my crafting materials

Next is the Watermill Bakery. It comes with so many detailed pieces like the oven, pastries, bottle of sweet jams, trays and bakery shop needs. The dough mixer is attached to the wheel of the watermill, it turns while manually spinning the wheel. This is my favourite shop.

Now, I recently got the Flower Shop and the Sylvanian Toy Shop. I was delighted by the mini dollhouses and accessories of the toy shop set.

Visit these sites to learn more about Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters in the US and Canada):
More photos of my collection on my facebook page.
Thanks for reading, I wonder what comes next...


  1. These collection is sooo adorable Jas! I love the Sylvanian Families from the first time I saw them at Toy Kingdom. I'm so happy for you! :D You have a very understanding and supportive husband. :D

  2. Thank you, Ails... They are really adorable and by looking at them makes me happy, too :)

  3. Lovely collection. All toys that belong to the Sylvanian Families are durable and safe for children.

  4. Thank you so much for the information, I'm glad I've chosen another good collection!