Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Greeting

Merry Christmas, Everyone! :)

Dolls: Personalized Sylvanian Standing Baby Figure

The PH Sylvanian Families is preparing for another m
eet-up this coming December 28, 2011. This will also be our Christmas Meet-up/Party. We'll be having an exchange gift limiting to standing baby figures to make it affordable to everyone. Now, To make it special we'll be personalizing our baby figures before gifting and I have prepared my baby figure even if I'm not yet sure if I would be able to come on that day. But I'm really hoping for it! :)

Here she is... She's a Chocolate Rabbit baby with her is a bunch of onesies... Here, she is wearing a simple party dress and headdress for the event.

A jumper suit for active playtime.

Baby bloomers at home.

Original Sylvanian Families baby suit that I decorated with beads and a small flower for her quiet time.

I also made a cushion for the cradle, a simple rug and a book that represents my appreciation for paper crafts.

I hope the new mom will be happy to have her :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Handmade Card and Dolls: Christmas Card and more of Sylvanian Families

I made a Christmas card last Thursday for a friend. We did a little gift giving, in advance, yesterday after her work. She'll be spending her whole Christmas break in the province while my family will be busy with my sister coming home for the holidays.

It was a simple and quick card. I have prepared the image way back in November so that it would be easy for me to assemble a card every time I need to make it for someone.

She also collects Sylvanian Families and I thought a handmade accessory for her collection would be a nice present for her. I made her a sleeping bag for couple Sylvanian figures.

Before I go, here are some sewing projects I did for Sylvanian Families...

A friend asked me to make baby jumpers for her little Sylvanian babies. It was a real challenge because the measurement is too small and every part is made by hand.

Then, I have started to make a country family outfit for another friend. Here is for the Sylvanian mother figure. I'll be making the rest soon. I hope I can squeeze everything this month.

Last night, I set-up my makeshift outdoor Pizzeria in-between the Country Market and The Hamburger Shop. The oven and counter was from a swap and the accessories are from Carni Castle Miniatures and Sylvanian Families Birthday Party Set.

Have a Merry Christmas! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dolls: Bloomers for Sylvanian Families' Babies

Last night, I made bloomers for my Norwood Mouse babies to dress them up. They are pre-loved and I got them nude from a swap. Now they are feeling comfortable and warm :)

Have a great weekend!

Fun Date with PH Sylvanian Families' Friends

We had our very first meet-up last December at Toy Kingdom SM Megamall. It was a fun experience for me and I really had a great time.

Here we are, all smiles, having a blast!

We had a chance to take photos of the exhibit with our favorite critters while the shop is not yet too busy.

Here are the trades and r.a.k.s. I got from fellow collectors during the event... Thank you very much! :)

Also, I've been busy these past few days sewing some projects for the critters of my friends and here are some of it...

Holiday outfits

Themed outfits

Santa Claus

More photos of my hobby and craft on my facebook page,

Finally, these are Carni Castle Miniatures I bought in Heavenly Stitchin' Moments Craft Shop at SM Mall of Asia. These are for the pre-loved SF Pizza oven and counter I got from a friend. Thanks to Kittymama for sharing this to us during our first meet-up, I was reminded about it. I used to include these on the scaled models we did in college and now it's a cute alternative to accessorize my Sylvanian Families collection. They have branches at selected SM malls.

Thanks, Everyone, and have a Merry Christmas! :)