Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just want to say...

Thank You, Dolly Heaven and Cayocas, for sharing this lovely clothes and accessories for my girls. I took this photos last Sunday with Darla (Simply Chocolate Blythe doll) as my little model. The lovely doll clothes were crafted by Dolly Heaven and a fellow collector of hers.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Mommy, thank you for your guidance, for giving us love and care and for being patient... You are truly wonderful and amazing! We love you! Happy Mother's Day! ♥

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crafts: Sylvanian Country Boutique and Pastry Shop Project

This past few days I've been working on updating my Sylvanian collection. I made two makeshift shop projects for this collection.

Here is the first one...

I turned an empty Sylvanian Clinic into a Country Boutique last weekend. It is pre-loved and I got it without the clinic accessories. Instead of trying to complete the clinic accessories I decided to turn it into a dress shop. More details of this here.

...and the second one...

Yesterday I re-decorated the Starter House. It used to house my Country Boutique but since I moved the dress shop into a new home, I decided to make it into a Pastry shop and Shoe shop on top. I stripped off the previous wallpaper and changed it with a new and vibrant color scheme. The furniture and accessories are combination of collected Sylvanian pieces, Re-ments, Carni Castle miniatures and clay miniatures by a friend. More about this here.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dolls: Sewing Projects For My Sylvanian Friends

It's been a while... I have been very busy making these sewing projects for my friends.

Here they are...
A friend needed uniforms for her Sylvanian Music students. Her idea was inspired by the uniforms of sailors.

Another friend love to have country and vintage inspired outfits for her collection.

That's it for now... I'll just take a little break before starting on my next set. Thank you for viewing and have a great weekend! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dolls: Sewing a new outfit for Little Scarlet

I made an outfit for my new doll inspired by the look of Little Pullip Princess Rose ( Scarlet (Little Pullip Fanatica) came in all black and red stock outfit. In time black fabric can stain the dolls body due to condition of surroundings, especially on high temperature as a result of material melting. This is the reason why I needed to have a lighter colored dress to prevent her body from further staining.

Scarlet, now pretty in pink

She looks sweeter

A closer look of Scarlet's new look

She is just like a fairy :)

Happy Valentine's Day to every one! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crafts: Decorating White Board Backing and more

I did a quick project using materials from my stash to decorate the back face of white boards that we'll be using on a game for the pre-Valentine's day party of our organization.

The original design of the back part is for kids. I decided to re-decorate it to match the event.

Just an update of my doll collection, I have adopted three dolls - (2) Licca-chan doll and (1) Little Pullip doll. Here they are...

Licca-chan in Cutely Chu Chu dress and Licca-chan in Uniform Renewal

Little Pullip Doll Fanatica a.k.a. Scarlet
I adopted her from her previous mom, Doreen. She is just about 4.5"high with fixed eyes and a body not as detailed as her full-sized version. Nevertheless, she can be customized. For me, she is very cute and pretty in punk. I still need to learn more on how to take care of her. More about Pullips here, and

Then, I did a couple of sewing projects for my Sylvanian friends.
A family outfit for home and outdoors

Swimwear for a beach vacation

Tuxedo for a romantic evening

A gown fit for a prom queen

Garden hats for sisters

and headdresses for mothers

More of my hobby and crafts on my facebook page,

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! As for me, I have to go back with my sewing projects :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dolls: The Sun Terrace Project - Day 1

February, month of the hearts... As for me it's a celebration of love for my family and passion for collecting and creating.

Last, Thursday, a box came containing the Sylvanian Sun Terrace building I bought from Little Creations's 2012 Sale. I've been searching for this building and I'm glad I was able to find it. It's my alternative to the John Lewis Shopping Center ( since I already have the Country Market, below, the Sun Terrace is a perfect fit on top of it. I'm also glad that it has a green unifying color that blends with the market.

Here is the other side of the Sun Terrace. Every one in the village is talking about it and are excited on what will it be. It might be a nice shop area but I have something different in mind and still thinking of how will I set it up. I hope I can get back to it soon after preparing the games for an event and after making some sewing projects for my friends.

Meanwhile, the Sylvanian fathers were busy with the repairs and cleaning of the new area.

Aside from the Sun Terrace, I got a pretty doll for my Sylvanian sisters and...

... a comfy rug for my Sylvanian babies... So this completes my day 1 for the Sun Terrace Project. Thank you Little Creations for brighten up my day! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dolls: Sylvanian Clothing Boutique Project

Finally, done setting up my makeshift clothing boutique for my collection. I have moved the SF families to a bigger home. Instead of buying a new furniture, I decided to turn my starter home into a clothing boutique. I did a few create-your-own accessories to fill-up the workstation of my little shop keeper.

Here is my customized clothing boutique workstation. I have combined original SF furniture with hand-crafted accessories and some Re-ments I traded from a friend. It saved me some money instead of buying ready-made ones.

Here's a closer look of each part.

I made miniature piles of fabric using chipboard bases and scraps of assorted fabric. The boutique catalog is made of scrap papers and cut-outs from SF toy catalog. The books are from a Re-ment set. I've added scrap laces, dress pattern papers and waste bin out of a sewing thimble to complete the miniature materials for my shop keeper. I placed them inside a basket and an SF baby cradle.

I cut the top part of SF baby bottles to have jars of beads and made more piles of fabric.

Then folded assorted 1/4" wide ribbons and cut felt papers as stash in the drawers.

More fabric under the workstation.

I placed the makeshift shop on top of the hamburger station.

My shop keeper at work with her daughter. I cut more photos from SF toy catalog and posted them as posters or ads inside my makeshift shop.

Some customers enjoying the shop. I'm thankful to my friend who gave me her extra fitting booth. I cleaned it and decorated it with stickers and added a foam carpet inside.

The top floor is the shoe shop area. I received these sets from two different person last Christmas. Thanks, again! :)

...and more customers coming it to have a look of the new shop in the village.

Before I go I would like to share the set-up I did for my SF collection.

Have a great week ahead!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Holiday Vacation with the Family

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy holiday. As for my family it was exhausting but filled with fun memories. My sister arrived last December 17, the following day she flew to Hong Kong with our parents and sister-in-law while my family went out of town to Subic Bay.
We stayed at Vista Marina Hotel, in one of the suite fronting the bay, for two nights . Here my son is busy playing with the hotel's guide sheet. I brought along some of my collection for a little photo play.

We ate dinner at Seafood by the Bay.

Then we had a night stroll along Moonbay Marina before going back to the hotel. In the following days, we did our shopping for goods available only in SBMA shops and warehouses.

After Christmas day, our family went for a tour in Villa Escudero located at San Pablo, Laguna.

We visited the Escudero Museum filled with interesting artifacts and collections.

We had a nice native lunch buffet at the waterfalls.

Then, we visited the chapel as our final stop.

Finally, we arrived back in Manila and had a delicious dinner in Precious Moments Cafe and Showroom.

On December 29 we attended my niece's birthday party. We had a D.I.Y. photo booth which was my sisters' idea.

The following day is our annual family reunion which was held in the resort owned by the family of my cousin. It was a delightful day as it was also my parents wedding anniversary.

Here the kids are dancing while the elders tosses coins everywhere for the kids to enjoy.

After new year's day, our family took off to go North. Our first stop, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa located at San Juan, La Union. The place is totally awesome! I love the suites, the infinity pool and view of the ocean is really beautiful.

This is our suite fronting the ocean.

Next to our list is Vigan, Ilocos Sur. We visited the Burgos Residence Museum, Heritage Village and the Vigan Cathedral.

A view of the Heritage Village Calle Crisologo. I love the old and vintage structures.

The Burgos Residence Museum. Padre Burgos lived here, he was one of the martyred GOMBURZA priests executed by Spain, suspected of rebellion.

The Vigan Cathedral in honor of Saint Paul the Apostle.

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without eating the Vigan empanada at the plaza. I had three pieces with matching Coke as beverage.

Then, we headed to Baguio. We stayed in Holiday Park Hotel at the city area.

The following morning we are scheduled to go at La Trinidad Valley for fresh stawberries. While waiting I had a photo play with my son and my critters at the hotel lobby.

Strawberry picking at the farm with the family.

Then afterwards, we had a yummy lunch at Mommy's. I love the Bulalo and the fresh vegetable dishes.

My son and husband rode the horse and took a 30 minute stroll at the trail. My husband said the view at the trail was spectacular. My son loved it.

Going back to Manila, we visited Manila Ocean Park.

We stayed in the Aqua Suite. Here Miggy and Nina poses for the camera. They loved the aquarium, the soft bed and the tub.

We ate lunch at Pancake House

I had my favorite plate set with roast chicken, tacos and salad.

Waking up inside the suite with the site of the huge aquarium was such a lovely experience.

Beautiful sunset at Manila Bay from Manila Ocean Park.

We watched the awesome Musical Fountain show! A must see for everyone when visiting Manila Ocean Park.

Finally, we walked through the Oceanarium to see different water creatures.

Our vacation ended but the happy memories of it will surely last forever. I believe in our DOT campaign that "It's more fun in the Philippines" especially when you are having a great time with your family.