Monday, February 13, 2012

Dolls: Sewing a new outfit for Little Scarlet

I made an outfit for my new doll inspired by the look of Little Pullip Princess Rose ( Scarlet (Little Pullip Fanatica) came in all black and red stock outfit. In time black fabric can stain the dolls body due to condition of surroundings, especially on high temperature as a result of material melting. This is the reason why I needed to have a lighter colored dress to prevent her body from further staining.

Scarlet, now pretty in pink

She looks sweeter

A closer look of Scarlet's new look

She is just like a fairy :)

Happy Valentine's Day to every one! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crafts: Decorating White Board Backing and more

I did a quick project using materials from my stash to decorate the back face of white boards that we'll be using on a game for the pre-Valentine's day party of our organization.

The original design of the back part is for kids. I decided to re-decorate it to match the event.

Just an update of my doll collection, I have adopted three dolls - (2) Licca-chan doll and (1) Little Pullip doll. Here they are...

Licca-chan in Cutely Chu Chu dress and Licca-chan in Uniform Renewal

Little Pullip Doll Fanatica a.k.a. Scarlet
I adopted her from her previous mom, Doreen. She is just about 4.5"high with fixed eyes and a body not as detailed as her full-sized version. Nevertheless, she can be customized. For me, she is very cute and pretty in punk. I still need to learn more on how to take care of her. More about Pullips here, and

Then, I did a couple of sewing projects for my Sylvanian friends.
A family outfit for home and outdoors

Swimwear for a beach vacation

Tuxedo for a romantic evening

A gown fit for a prom queen

Garden hats for sisters

and headdresses for mothers

More of my hobby and crafts on my facebook page,

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! As for me, I have to go back with my sewing projects :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dolls: The Sun Terrace Project - Day 1

February, month of the hearts... As for me it's a celebration of love for my family and passion for collecting and creating.

Last, Thursday, a box came containing the Sylvanian Sun Terrace building I bought from Little Creations's 2012 Sale. I've been searching for this building and I'm glad I was able to find it. It's my alternative to the John Lewis Shopping Center ( since I already have the Country Market, below, the Sun Terrace is a perfect fit on top of it. I'm also glad that it has a green unifying color that blends with the market.

Here is the other side of the Sun Terrace. Every one in the village is talking about it and are excited on what will it be. It might be a nice shop area but I have something different in mind and still thinking of how will I set it up. I hope I can get back to it soon after preparing the games for an event and after making some sewing projects for my friends.

Meanwhile, the Sylvanian fathers were busy with the repairs and cleaning of the new area.

Aside from the Sun Terrace, I got a pretty doll for my Sylvanian sisters and...

... a comfy rug for my Sylvanian babies... So this completes my day 1 for the Sun Terrace Project. Thank you Little Creations for brighten up my day! :)