Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crafts: Decorating White Board Backing and more

I did a quick project using materials from my stash to decorate the back face of white boards that we'll be using on a game for the pre-Valentine's day party of our organization.

The original design of the back part is for kids. I decided to re-decorate it to match the event.

Just an update of my doll collection, I have adopted three dolls - (2) Licca-chan doll and (1) Little Pullip doll. Here they are...

Licca-chan in Cutely Chu Chu dress and Licca-chan in Uniform Renewal

Little Pullip Doll Fanatica a.k.a. Scarlet
I adopted her from her previous mom, Doreen. She is just about 4.5"high with fixed eyes and a body not as detailed as her full-sized version. Nevertheless, she can be customized. For me, she is very cute and pretty in punk. I still need to learn more on how to take care of her. More about Pullips here, and

Then, I did a couple of sewing projects for my Sylvanian friends.
A family outfit for home and outdoors

Swimwear for a beach vacation

Tuxedo for a romantic evening

A gown fit for a prom queen

Garden hats for sisters

and headdresses for mothers

More of my hobby and crafts on my facebook page,

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! As for me, I have to go back with my sewing projects :)


  1. ooohhh the crafty ladybug has been very busy... your sewing frenzy is contagious Janice, I was able to sew a dress for my Blythe too. :) Thanks for the inspiration! :D

  2. Hi Ails, I'm glad you were able to have something done, too... I know your very busy taking care of your little one! Take care and happy valentine's day! :)