Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crafts and Dolls: Following Tutorials to make Brushed Yarn Wig for Erin (Lati doll Coco Green)

Meet Erin, she is a Lati "Coco" Green doll .  She is a ball-jointed-doll  (BJD) and has a beautiful innocent face just like a child.  I adopted her from a good dolly friend with her fantasy hair colored wig with fringe.
She is really cute and pretty with her soft pink wig but I've always wanted to change her wig and give her a much neutral hair color.  The thing is that it would be untimely for me to buy wigs online because it will cost me much especially paying for the shipping and other charges just to reach me here.  Glad that I have found tutorials to make wigs out of 100% acrylic yarns on the net.  I did this for almost a month given that I have to handle a lot of things for our son and our home.

Here it goes...

1.  Antique Lilac to make the wig cap by crocheting.  (Note: the tutorial is for a size 6 doll wig, Erin's wig should be size is 6.5 at least to 7, so I just used the hook size depending on the yarn gauge I used) 
Here is Erin with her finished crocheted wig cap.  This is the base of her wig.  The grids formed were a nice guide in sewing the wefts.
A closer look of the wig cap.

2.  The Manor to make the wefts with yarn.  I would say "Amazing!" because it was really cool and I love the result.  I love that after doing all the process you can still comb the wig without losing so much fiber which, for me, is really good because the wig will last longer.  It involves a lot of patience to work on this.  Maybe that's the exciting part of it, anticipating the result.  I took photos of each step I did because I made use of some alternatives since I don't have same tools on the tutorial.  Please visit the tutorial page, given in 3 parts, for the complete tips and guides. 
I followed how the weft is done on the tutorial.  It is really good to work on it by section since it will give you a good result.  But here, I used 2 yarn colors in brown and paprika because I like hair streaks (though, I don't have it on my hair).
The difference is that I made use of a low heat craft iron since I don't have a hair straightening iron.  I did a couple of quick glides on both sides just to be sure that the material will not melt.
Here is my first finished weft and this is just for the first layer.  All in all, I did this 3 times just to fill the whole wig cap with wefts. There goes the "being patient part" too. 
After sewing all the wefts on the wig cap, I also side-parted it.  Here you can see gaps which will be covered by the final weft which was also thought on the tutorial.
This is the final weft to cover the gap.

Now, here is Erin with her new wig and a pretty top made by Dollyheaven...   I love it but it will take me some time to make again for her because I have to recharge... lol...  Thanks to these 2 wonderful tutorials and cheers for sharing creativity!
I'll be sharing more photos of Erin on my facebook page. Thank you for viewing!


  1. hi!!! I am Isa, from Spain. I love your tutorial. I must try it with my amigurumis. When i use it, i will show you the results.

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  2. Thank you so much, please also visit the links of the original tutorials, they are really helpful and great!