Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sylvanian Families: Kimono Pattern for a Female Adult Figure by TLCjas

I would like to share the pattern I did to make the Kimono for a female adult Sylvanian Families figure. I made the Kimono for a friend last year.  I referred to a Takara doll's Kimono for the concept. Please always refer to the figure or doll to proportion and get the correct measurement.
Description: Mother Cassandra of Macavity Cat family is wearing a Kimono
Inspiration: Tradition, Japan, Kimono
Outfit: Kimono, Sash/Obi, Headdress and Footwear (Geta Slippers)
Please note that this pattern is for personal enjoyment only and not to be distributed or posted on any other site.  However, if you wish to share this pattern, I would be delighted and grateful if you simply link back to this post.  Thank you and happy crafting.

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  1. Very pretty, thank you so much for posting the pattern! I'm going to try and make a kimono for my daughter's Sylvanians :)