Monday, May 19, 2014

Crafts and Dolls: Water Mill Bakery - A Weekend Project

It's another long weekend since today is Victoria Day.  I love having long weekends because it gives me enough time to work on my hobby...  
It's been a year and months since we moved in another country, I've been missing my miniatures so I decided to put up, again, the only one set I was able to bring...  The Water Mill Bakery.   The Water Mill Bakery is a play set from the cute critters Sylvanian Families.  It is one of my favorites because of its nice details and I also love displaying miniatures about food especially the ones that were gifted by friends and those I made.  Each piece reminds me of a good memory.
On the first day, I cleaned the structure and added wallpapers and lined the counters with patterned papers.  I like adding personal touch to my sets because for me it looks nicer.
Then, I made an undercounter rack out of fuse beads for additional storage.  It's a good way to save me from buying a ready made one.
Here is the finished setup with my Petite Blythes' Emma Jane and Jasmine...
I hope everyone a great week and thanks again for reading!

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