Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dolls and Sewing: Collecte des Amulettes

I'm thinking of having a small sewing space inside of our bedroom so I can still work on my projects while watching our son when he sleeps...  But before that let me share what I've sewn, I made doll clothes combining hand-stamp images with fabric paint, laces and fabrics.  My friend showed me a photo of a dress and she would love to have a similar one for her doll.  I got hooked with the idea so I decided to make more with the same concept.
Kayla (Royal Soliloquy), Genevieve (Alexis Emerald) and Abbey (ABE custom) in Collecte des Amulettes dresses
This is the one my friend liked, the concept is similar with one in the photo she showed me but I have to tweak it with the materials I have.
Then, the following are inspired by the idea...
I'm going to make more...  Thanks a lot and have good weekend ahead!

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