Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dolls and Sewing: Snow White for a Blythe doll

This weekend I made another doll outfit inspired by one of the famous fairy tale princess, Snow White.
I chose Heather (Rosie Red Encore) to be Snow White because of her rich red lips.
The details on her dress top is hand embroidered with beads and ribbons.  There are heart sequins on her chest and sleeves (symbol of Snow White's pure heart in the fairy tale which the Evil Queen wanted as proof that she's gone forever).
I crocheted a headband with oversize ribbon that shaped to appear like a top of an apple and decorated it with leaves and fabric flower (to represent the famous poison apple for Snow White).
I also crocheted a cape which can be removed from her dress.
A closer look of the dress.
Thank you for reading and I hope every one a great weekend!

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