Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dolls and Crafts: Inspiration

Just a couple days ago, I extended my work area in our bedroom...  It's a small space with just a table and 2 shelves, but I'm decorating it with memories and trinkets that inspire and make me happy.
It is a work in progress, as I love updating it according to my needs.
No matter how big or small it is, I find it good to have one...  Keeps me busy and productive.
This past week I made doll clothes inspired by stock dresses of two Petite Blythes, Kitchen Queen and Itsy Bitsy Ladybug.
Darla (Simply Chocolate), Ingrid (Rachael's Ribbon) and Laila (French Trench)
in Petite Blythe Kitchen Queen inspired dresses
The aprons are removable and each have handmade patches and simple embroideries that coordinate with the prints of the fabrics.
 Kitchen Queen - Apple
Kitchen Queen - Flower 
Kitchen Queen - Strawberry
Blanche (Kiss Me True)
Next, I call it The Crafty Ladybug's Souvenir Costume inspired by Petite Blythe Itsy Bitsy Ladybug
The outfit consists of a shirt and a skirt. I crocheted a ladybug hat and made a matching backpack.
Thank you for reading and stay inspired!

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  1. Jas, this is soo beautiful! Ngayon ko lang ulit na-open. Let's blog again! <3