Monday, June 2, 2014

Dolls: Meet my Lottie Dolls

I really admire dolls and my selection is a mix of almost everything.  Last year I came across Lottie dolls by Arklu in one of the toy shops here and started mine just earlier of this year.  I was only able to take photos of them today because of so many reasons but I'm glad to share their photos now ;p ...  At first glace, Lottie dolls reminded me of my Licca-chan dolls by Takara because of their hairstyle, fashion, eye gaze and child-like rounded face.  But as you go over the details of the doll you will notice the differences.
I find both pretty and they look cute together!
Notice that Licca-chan is taller than Lottie, which for me, makes them more like sisters or cousins when they stand beside each other.

Meet my Lottie dolls...
"Autumn Leaves" Lottie Doll (credit: Lottie for doll's description)
Lottie loves Autumn and especially the changing colours of the leaves on the trees. Wrapped up warm in her coat, hat, scarf and boots, Lottie explores Harley Wood with her dog, Biscuit the Beagle, kicking her way through all the crisp, colourful leaves. Getting muddy, kicking leaves and building dens is just so much fun!
(Note:  Biscuit the Beagle is sold separately)

"Branksea Festival" Lottie Doll (credit: Lottie for doll's description)

Summer has arrived at last! The sun is shining and the sky is blue as Branksea prepares for its annual Festival. Lottie is excited and is looking forward to live music, face painting, storytelling, and arts and crafts. Will the good weather continue or will the celebrations be spoiled by rain?

"Pandora's Box" Lottie Doll (credit: Lottie for doll's description)

Lottie is volunteering at Branksea Animal Shelter, helping to look after the homeless cats and dogs. One day a cardboard box mysteriously left outside the front door with a hungry and frightened Persian cat inside. They decide to name her Pandora. Unlike the Greek myth, where a box brought unhappiness, here the arrival of Pandora is a cause for joy and fresh hope. Lottie helps to nurse Pandora back to health and make sure that her furry coat is kept clean and fluffy.
(Note: Pandora the Persian cat is sold separately)

I love that these dolls have good balance and can stand without the aide of doll stands.  The clothes and accessories are beautiful and of good quality.  The face is naturally pretty without make-up.  The price is reasonable.  I plan to add more in time but it's good to take things slow and wait for future releases...
More about this dolls on their official site.

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