Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dolls and Sewing: Vintage Style Dress for a Blythe Doll

This weekend, I made a vintage style dress for a Blythe doll combining different laces.  I'll be gifting this to my very good dolly friend.
Ingrid (Rachael's Ribbon Blythe) is wearing a vintage style dress in all white
I crocheted a hat to match the dress
I also made a bolero to complete the look
This is one of my favorites, pure and simple... reminds me of Summer!  Thanks again and have a great week ahead!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dolls and Sewing: Red Riding Hood for Blythe doll

I love fairy tales...  I grew up reading and sharing fairy tale stories with my siblings and friends...  I never get tired of it...
With this I thought of making doll clothes inspired by characters from different fairy tales.
My first sewing project is about one of the classics, Little Red Riding Hood.
I thought of Faye (Very Vicky Blythe) to be my model because I find her face innocent just like the character of the story.
Her outfit consists of a crochet hooded cape with fabric flower accent, a dress, an apron and a crochet basket
I crocheted a cape with a pixie hood
I also crocheted a basket and lined it with a gingham fabric...  The food accessories were from my Sylvanian Families, I borrowed for the photo :)
The dress without the apron and hooded cape...  I love mixing patterns, textures and colors.
A closer look at the top of her dress with hand embroidery and beads
Thank you for reading and Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crafts and Dolls: Handmade Learning Accessories for an 18" Doll

Last weekend, I have introduced Kelsey in my makeshift closet and seating room.  This weekend I decided to make learning accessories for her.  I find it good to do so because of the doll's scale which is bigger and easier to work with.
I made her folders, a portfolio envelope, a binder, ruler, pencils, pencil box and a backpack out of recycled phone pouch.
Here was my old phone pouch which I've kept because I really like the print and it might be of good use for something...  good thing it does have a new purpose...
I proportioned it with the doll and showed that its size is perfect for the doll.  I altered it into a backpack with the use of cardstock, decorative duct tape, ribbons and sewing tools.
Next is the portfolio envelope.  I referred to my actual portfolio envelope to make a miniature of it for my doll.  I used cardstocks, fabrics, ribbons, adhesives, printable school papers from the net shared by 18" doll enthusiasts and sewing tools.
Then, I found a tutorial on school binders by My Froggy Stuff to make my own for my doll.  I have to tweak it a little bit with the materials I have in my stash - I used cardstock, fabrics, ribbons, adhesives, sewing tools and printable sheets from My Froggy Stuff for the said project.
The pencil box is made from recycled popsicle box, acrylic paint, decorative duct tape and washi tape.  I made the pencils from barbecue sticks - dipped the pointed end in black acrylic paint, dipped the flat end in a light blue acrylic paint, then I covered the shaft with washi tape and glide glitter glue in between the flat end and the shaft.  The ruler is part of the printable sheets in My Froggy Stuff's school binder tutorial.  The eraser is courtesy of my little boy which he shared from his supplies :)
Finally, I made folders using a tutorial from  I just tweaked the flap with a curved edge instead but the idea is the same.
So here is Kelsey with her handmade learning accessories.
Thank you for reading and happy weekend!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crafts and Dolls: Makeshift Closet and Seating Room for an 18" Doll

It's Spring and it's time to get organizing...  After doing my chores I decided to rearrange my doll shelf to accommodate my new girl, Kelsey.  She is one of the Journey Girls of Toys R Us.  Her size is similar with that of American Girl doll which is around 18".  I shopped around to look for an armoire that will fit her and her accessories but I ended up re-planning my existing shelf instead because it will help me save a lot with the cost.
 I have two shelves with 4-tier each giving me 8 compartments to fill.  I dedicated the first two layers of each shelf for my other favorite dolls followed by the third for the makeshift closet and seating room.  Then the bottom shelves are for my son's soft toys in bins.
 Here is the makeshift seating area with JG Kelsey and Lati Green Coco Erin... I decorated the walls with plastic decor butterflies and a photo of the girls from the packaging mounted on a patterned paper.
 The adorable bed was a gift from a friend, she designed it, crocheted and sew the bedding. The side drawer is a small organizer I found in the dollar store where I placed in JG Kelsey's socks, tights and a few hair accessories.  Then I added a tulle in one corner, re-use a souvenir pail as vase and crocheted a granny square rug to finish the look.  It's a seating room for Kelsey but it's a bedroom for my other dolls as well. :)
 Now, the makeshift closet.  I'm glad that there are lots of good craft stuff in the dollar store.  I bought small wooden crates, dowel rods and a plaque to make my shelf and clothes rack.  After putting together the pieces with wood glue, I painted each with black acrylic paint to match the color of the bed frame in the seating room. Then finished each with a gloss acrylic sealer.  The backdrop is a handkerchief I folded and tack with wall mounted hooks and ribbon which gives me freedom to change it anytime I like.  I also crocheted a granny square rug to finish the look.
 On one side, I decorated the wall with photos from the packaging and added wall mounted hooks for the hats.
 On the opposite side, I attached more wall mounted hooks to hang bags which adds to the decor of the closet.
 I love keeping cute jewelry boxes.  I'm glad I was able to display and re-use each to store more accessories.
A closer look of the shelves out of painted wooden crates.

I may have gone through a lot of work just to put this together but surely, it's fun...  Now, I'm looking forward to make more craft projects for JG Kelsey!  Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!